Jacob Sansbury

Bridgewater Associates & NVIDIA alum — CEO @InvestWithPluto

Exploring New Frontiers in AI with the Real-Time Query Model

In the realm of AI, can we push the boundaries further? I've been pondering a concept that might change the way we look at AI: the Real-time Query Model (RQM). This idea allows AI to pull in information from a large data corpus in real-time, potentially transforming AI from a static knowledge repository to a dynamic reasoning engine.
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December 2020

Satisfactory Designer

Design and layout production lines for the hit game Satisfactory

April 2020


Eyelang is a dynamically typed interpreted language with a syntax that reads like english sentences.

August 2019

Switch Aircraft Cabin Management

Aircraft cabin management simplified.

June 2019

Skyflix Streaming Service

Business jet in-flight entertainment

May 2019


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